Gifts For PC Products

To give a PC product as a gift:

  1. First purchase it for your own account.
  2. The product is eligible to be given as a gift if:
    1. You have purchased more than one copy of it.
    2. Or you have never downloaded it. (It is considered yours if you download it and cannot be given as a gift.)
  3. If the product is eligible you can give it away from your account at anytime.
    1. All eligible products have a "Give as gift" option underneath them. Click this option if you wish to give it away.
    2. You must specify an e-mail address as the recipient.
  4. The gift recipient will receive:
    1. A gift notification e-mail that includes your e-mail address as the gift-giver.
    2. A download link e-mail.
  5. If the gift recipient has an account, then:
    1. If they view their account, they can request an e-mail download link for the gift at anytime.
  6. If the gift recipient does not have an account, then:
    1. A deactivated account using the recipient's e-mail address will be created at the Bog Turtle Games LLC website.
    2. They may activate this account at anytime.
    3. Once activated, they can view their account to request an e-mail download link for their gift at anytime.