Elfland (DOS)

Elfland (DOS)

In Elfland, you take on the role of Elfie or Elfita to try and save the elf village from threatening trolls. On your quest, you will encounter helpful turtles, aggressive birds, bouncing springs, purple elf-eaters, and other assorted creatures. In the first free volume your journey will take you into Gorgimer's Castle where you will have to overcome bats, puzzles, and Gorgimer's pet. In the second volume you will have to outmaneuver thunder clouds, find a gigantic bird's egg, and enter the Troll Caves to confront the Troll Chieftain!

On modern PCs, there could be compatibility issues trying to run the DOS version of Elfland. If you have problems, you might try running Elfland via DOSBox. Note that if you are able to run the demo succesfully, then you will be able to run the second volume without problems. So if you plan to purchase the DOS version of Elfland, please try the demo first. If it does not run on your machine, you might consider the Windows version.

The DOS version of Elfland comes in a .zip file which you will have to extract manually. There is no installer so just extract the files to an appropriate directory and run Elfland from there. 7-Zip is open source software able to uncompress .zip files.

Requirements: DOS / EGA graphics card


MobyGames - "I highly recommend! It seems like a kiddie game, but its fun!"

Classic-PC-Games - "The graphics are fun and colorful and the sounds are wonderfully nostalgic."


I've played Elfland: Gorgimer's Castle. Why should I buy Elfland: The Troll Caves?

In the second volume of Elfland, you will meet the cloud people, Mortimer (Gorgimer's cousin), a gigantic bird, and the evil trolls! You will also get the chance to defeat the Troll Chieftain, rescue the village elves, and receive the Elf Medal of Honor! The second volume also includes hints on how to win and information on how to enter Elfland's secret cheat mode. This mode lets you become immortal, teleport to any level, and have unlimited ammunition!

How do I get the Elfland sounds to play through the PC speaker under DOSBox?

Before running the game, move the file named CT-VOICE.DRV out of the Elfland directory. Note that any sound played by the PC speaker will temporarily pause the game.