How do I buy PC games from Bog Turtle Games LLC?

First add the games to your cart. Then checkout with a payment service provider (i.e., PayPal or Google Checkout). All purchases will be delivered as digital downloads. During this process, Bog Turtle Games LLC does not have access to payment information (i.e., credit card numbers).

How do I give a PC game as a gift?

To give a PC game as a gift, first purchase it for your own account but do not download it. Then login to your account and specify which games you would like to give to whom. For more details, click here.

How do I give a game as a gift on a third party platform (i.e., Xbox 360 Indie Games)?

You will have to follow the gift-giving instructions for that platform.

I lost my digital copy of a PC game. What do I do?

You don't have to worry about losing a PC game because once you have purchased it, you can download it anytime.

If I buy a game on a third-party platform (i.e., Xbox 360 Indie Games), will the purchase show up in my Bog Turtle Games LLC account?

No, you will not see it in your account. The Bog Turtle Games LLC website is independent of any third-party platform so if you want a PC game in your account, you will have to purchase it through this website.

Does Bog Turtle Games LLC use any copy protection?

We feel that copy protection annoys buyers and does little to prevent piracy. Therefore, Bog Turtle Games LLC uses no copy protection for the convenience of our customers. Third-party platforms (i.e., Xbox 360 Indie Games) may add a layer of copy protection which we have no control over.

I bought a PC game from Bog Turtle Games LLC before it was possible to make an account. Can I still download my purchases at anytime?

Yes, a deactivated account has been created under the payment service provider's (i.e., PayPal's or Google Checkout's) e-mail address used to purchase the product. You may activate this account at anytime.