Elfland Reloaded

Elfland Reloaded

In Elfland Reloaded, you take on the role of Elfie or Elfita to try and save the elf village from threatening trolls. On your quest, you will encounter helpful turtles, aggressive birds, bouncing springs, purple elf-eaters, and other assorted creatures. In the first volume, your journey will take you into Gorgimer's Castle where you will have to overcome bats, puzzles, and Gorgimer's pet.

Elfland Reloaded Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available on Xbox Live Indie Games for the Xbox 360.

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XBLIG News, Reviews & Previews - "To sum it all up, even though I wasn't very good at Elfland, it is a fun little game that would sit well amongst your game library."


I've played the demo. Why should I buy Elfland Reloaded Volume 1?

If you buy Elfland Reloaded Volume 1, you can play as long as you like, save games, record high scores, view hints on how to win the game, and enter Elfland's secret cheat mode that lets you become invincible, teleport to any level, and have unlimited ammunition!

Who made the fonts for Elfland Reloaded?

Ray Larabie made the fonts. Elfland Reloaded uses the Foo, Joystix and Minya Nouvelle fonts. Please visit LarabieFonts and/or Typodermic to see more of his work.

Who made the sounds effects for Elfland Reloaded?

Most sound effects were derived from content at The Freesound Project. More detailed credits can be found in the Credits section of the game.

Who made the music for Elfland Reloaded?

Kevin MacLeod made the music. Elfland Reloaded uses Sheep May Safely Graze, Netherworld Shanty and Running Fanfare pieces. Please visit incompetech.com to hear more of his work.

This is the first volume. Where is the second volume of Elfland Reloaded?

Volume 2 is here.