Galax-e-mail has you delivering e-mails by controlling a squad of spaceships battling its way through galaxies of increasing difficulty. You have power-ups, multiple weapons and multiple ship types at your disposal. There will be explosions. There will be fast-paced battles between flocks of fighters. There will be intensity in defeat, and joyful relief in victory. Join the fray and deliver some e-mail!

Galax-e-mail is available on Xbox Live Indie Games for the Xbox 360 and Windows.

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Windows requirements: Windows XP SP 2 or higher / .NET 3.5 / XNA 3.0 / Graphics card Shader Model 1.1 or higher
Windows recommended: Xbox 360 GamePad
A Windows machine that runs Galax-e-mail well: Windows XP SP 2 / 512 MB RAM / 2.4 GHz Pentium 4 / ATI 9800 Radeon Pro


GamerBytes Top 5 Games Launch XNA Community Games - "Despite the ridiculous premise (alternate universe where e-mail is sent via galactic battles), this game is quite fun."

Gamasutra's Top 10 XNA Community Games Of 2008 - "It forgoes the usual twin stick arena fare that we've come to know and love -- instead showing an intriguing set of game mechanics melded into a rather sweet maze game."

Destructoid - "If you're in the mood for some back-to-basics shooting with a few cheeky new adjustments and a difficulty level tweaked to perfection, then this is definitely a game for you. (8/10)"

Diehard GameFAN - "Sometimes a simple idea is also the one that is the most fun."

PlayThisThing - "The most original aspect of the game is the difficulty setting, which ranges from 0 to 100; at 100, this is an amazingly frenetic game, while at 0, even a useless wanker like me can play."


I've played the demo. Why should I buy Galax-e-mail?

If you buy Galax-e-mail, your high scores and options will be saved, you can play difficulty settings 10 and above without restriction, and you can play as long as you like.

If I buy Galax-e-mail on the Xbox 360, can I play it on Windows (and vice versa)?

No, the two versions are independent products. If you wish to play Galax-e-mail on both platforms, you will have to purchase Galax-e-mail twice.

After I purchase Galax-e-mail for Windows, can I install it over the demo?

Yes, you can install the purchased version of Galax-e-mail over the demo. If you experience any problems installing over the demo, simply do an uninstall of Galax-e-mail followed by a clean install.

Why do I get the error "No suitable graphics card found" when I try to run Galax-e-mail for Windows?

Galax-e-mail requires a graphics card that supports at least Shader Model 1.1.

Why does Galax-e-mail for Windows not install correctly if I reboot in the middle of the installation?

If .NET 3.5 is not present on your computer, you will have to reboot your system after it is installed. The Galax-e-mail installer will not work correctly after a mid-install reboot. To install Galax-e-mail properly, simply run the installer a second time.

Who made the fonts for Galax-e-mail?

Ray Larabie made the fonts. Galax-e-mail uses the Joystix and 6809 Chargen fonts. Please visit LarabieFonts and/or Typodermic to see more of his work.

Who made the sounds effects for Galax-e-mail?

All sound effects were derived from content at Soundsnap.

Who made the music for Galax-e-mail?

The music comes from Soundsnap. It is titled heaven gate and was made by Soundsnap user warg.

I delivered an e-mail on difficulty setting 100. Do I get a prize?

No, you don't get a prize! However, you could become one of the Galax-e-mail 100% Certified Reliable Delivery Dudes!