Spuds Guide

Spuds Guide

The Spuds Guide contains pre-made spuds and squads that can you use to win any mission in the game. It also includes an overview for each mission that describes the behavior employed by each winning spud and squad.

The images show a few example pages from the guide.

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I cannot believe Bog Turtle Games LLC is charging for its Spuds Guide when it made Spuds in the first place. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Are the missions impossible without the guide so that Bog Turtle Games LLC makes more money?

The Spuds Guide proves that all of the missions are winnable. We debated for a long time whether we should create a guide at all. On one hand, we felt that users, if completely stuck, would have a resource to turn to. On the other hand, we felt uncomfortable charging for a guide for our own game. Ideally, no one will purchase the guide and everyone can experience the joy of overcoming all of the Spud missions using their own ingenuity. However, the option to purchase the guide exists for those people who find particular parts of Spuds more frustrating than fun. We hope that we have priced the guide appropriately. Our goal was to make it not so cheap that everyone would purchase it (we actually don't want anyone to purchase it), but not so expensive that it seemed like we were gouging our customers if they ran into difficulty.

Why does Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC) appear with the message, "An unidentified program wants to access your computer", when I try to run the Spuds Guide installer?

Windows Vista users should be aware that the Spuds Guide installer needs to run as an administrator to work properly. This means that when you run the installer, Windows Vista User Account Control will have to confirm that you want to continue. In the future, we will try to make our products work more seamlessly with Windows Vista.

What font is used for the spud's cry for "Help!" and who created it?

The "Huxtable" font was created by Ray Larabie.