Noyd is a new artificially intelligent game playing prodigy. Every artificial neuron in Noyd's artificial brain is designed to crush you. Noyd doesn't think you'll be able to beat Noyd in one game, let alone the 15 Noyd is capable of playing.

Warning: Noyd has been known to have a few tricks up Noyd's sleeves.

Noyd is available on Xbox Live Indie Games for the Xbox 360.

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The XBLIG - "Classic game collections are always a mixed bag ... Noyd ($1.00) is all of these things, with an ever-so-zany twist!"

TheKodu on Destructoid - "Trolololtrolololtrololol trololol trololol Lol Lol Lol la la trolololtrolololtrolololtrololol Lol La la la la trololol trolololtrolo loltrolololtrolololtrolololt rolololtrolololtrolololtrolololtrolololtrololol... Noyd is a game for those who find Dark Souls 2 a yawn and I want to be the Guy Gaiden to be just a little too easy."


I've played the demo. Why should I buy Noyd?

Xbox Live Indie Games enforces an eight minute trial time limit. If you buy Noyd, you can play as long as you like! Also, purchasing Noyd allows you to activate all games without Noyd's permission! And last but not least, by buying Noyd you can finally silence Noyd by winning!

Who made the fonts for Noyd?

Ray Larabie made the fonts. Noyd uses the Crack Man font. Please visit LarabieFonts and/or Typodermic to see more of his work.

Who made the sounds effects for Noyd?

Most sound effects were derived from content at The Freesound Project. More detailed credits can be found in the Credits section of the game.